Friday, May 30, 2008

I know it's repetitive, but

I walked 4 miles again last night. It was easier and faster this time. This after moving a bunch of patio bricks from the upper level. I'm not feeling as tired as I was a week ago. Night before last had a run-in with a dog on my walk. Nothing serious and I know the dog was friendly, it just scared me a little. I'm seeing more dogs outside in people's yards now the weather is warmer. I think I'll take some doggie treats in my bag and try to persuade them to be my friend if they come running up to me. I love walking on the streets in the center of old Bountiful. The houses and yards are so interesting and unique. It entertains me just looking at them.

Tonight, a girl's night out with the Reel Women. A British movie this time, "Son of Rambow". Dinner first at a cozy little English tea house.

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