Friday, July 25, 2008

Grass Fire!

As long as I've lived in this house, my greatest fear at this time of year has been grass fires. Tonight I heard the sirens getting closer but payed no attention. They stopped somewhere nearby. I heard a small commotion and looked out to see billowing smoke just around the curve three doors down. At first I feared it was a home. I dashed out to find firefighters pouring water on a grass fire mostly contained within the fenced off area of the irrigation pond at Center Street and Lacey Way. I watched long enough to feel reassured they had it under control.

Fireworks, I suspect. Young guys living on all sides of me in this neighborhood foolishly have aerial displays of their own most every year. Strangers stop their cars in the street to shoot off bottle rockets. We have been very lucky so far. Let's hope our luck holds.

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