Monday, July 7, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation

So far I haven't really taken a vacation this year. But I did take Thursday and Monday off to get a nice 5-day weekend. And I did do some playing this weekend, including a fabulous outing to Logan and the Cruise-In vintage car show. Yesterday I did a little work around the house and yard and helped J & Z pick up their bamboo flooring - we managed to get it all into two cars. And today, I've mowed the lawn, trimmed all around grass and rocks in the front, weed whacked the entire upper level in the back, and planted some new flowers in the frontmost garden where I have no color now thanks to the deer. I will invest in some of that pricey deer repellent from Home Depot and try to save these flowers. They do look pretty right now. Elsewhere in the yard, the deer have hit and missed, topping off some of my faves. I posted a pic last year about this time and the yard was so much more colorful. But things are a little later too, like the blanket flower. So I'm finished with the hot outdoor work. I have a few things to shop for and then I'm taking myself out to a matinee movie. Back to work tomorrow.

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