Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Power Tools

Never thought I'd own a nail gun, but I do now. Jenn and Zach's bamboo floor project have netted me a chop (miter) saw, jigsaw, and now a nailer for the moldings. Steve will be able to use it next for his project in the basement. And then they will reside at my house for my own projects.

The kids have done a fantastic job on those floors - just beautiful! Neither of them had much experience with DIY of any sort, but they have no fear, and that's the key to success. Starting with painting, they were meticulous about the quality of their work. I gave them all my pointers -- things that make the job easier, faster, and neater -- and they followed them all. But I had little experience with power tools, and it was a learn as you go project. I got a kick out of watching my petite daughter using that chop saw to cut floor boards to exactly the right length. Again, with no fear, they both jumped in, learned what they needed, and proceded to cover floors in two rooms, three closets and the pantry, and the result is awesome.

Tonight we'll start the moldings. I primed them last night while the kids finished the last closet. And I bought that nailer. Two different guys at Home Depot said we would love it. I had a small battery-powered drill, screwdriver, and even a little saw before this, but never tools like I bought for this project. I'm excited to start some projects of my own. Now that power tools have entered my life, I have a feeling things are going to change around here.

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