Monday, June 30, 2008

Blending in

Little by little, my yard is becoming a little place of peace and earth-friendliness. I've tried hard to reduce my water usage by planting large areas with drought tolerant plants. Finished spreading the bark which has made the plants stand out and appear even more striking and beautiful. Everything is trying to bloom now. The deer repellent spray and/or cayenne pepper seems to be keeping the deer out of my patio pots. Sunday it was down to doing a little weeding in the front gardens and enjoying the cool morning air, when a bird landed on my back! That was the strangest thing. It startled me, of course, and I brushed it away not having any idea what could possible be standing on my back. It flew up into a tree - a large bird, either a robin or a blue jay, I couldn't see it clearly with the sun in my eyes. How very odd to have a bird land on you. Have I become like the trees, blending in with the landscape? Maybe so when I'm in the yard. I think the birds and the deer are no longer afraid of me.

Oh the yard is looking pretty. So pretty.

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