Friday, June 13, 2008

They're all weeds, after all

Finally tackled the weeds on that very top level by the upper sidewalk. I was pleasantly surprised to find among the tall grasses that the Mexican Primrose I planted last year not only survived but thrived. Mom gave me a lovely 5-gallon plant that was intended for my brother's new home which was nowhere near finished (I admit I persuaded her the plant would be better off with me). Being the thrifty gardener I am, and knowing how hardy they are, I divided the large plant into quarters. It was during a hot spell, and the four plants just lived but never did much all year. But all four are back, growing strong, and there are now dozens of baby plants all around them! The three complementary plants I put with them (called Blue Clips?) also survived and look like they will do well this year.

As I'm weeding, I always note the plants that seem to flourish and spread and wonder if I shouldn't just cultivate those true native plants as ground cover.

I had one striking weed that I simply did not have the heart to remove. It was large and simply covered with purplish flowers. I'll let it live for now and see what the plant does. I suspect all those little flowers will turn into burrs. In which case, out it goes. I'll snap a picture tomorrow as I think it will be more fully in bloom. I also preserved one lovely volunteer sage - so soft and silvery right now. It, too, will get ugly later, and out it goes.

I finished the section with the Mexican Primoses. What remains is the worst-of-all myrtle hill. It does seem to be easier, though if I weed early in the morning right after watering. I'll probably work on that one Sunday morning. Tomorrow it's fun, fun, fun with the Reel Women meeting for breakfast and a bonus movie this month, Sex and the City. Then probably visit my dad in the afternoon.

The deer finally discovered the patio pots and ate about half the blooms from my lovely annuals. I knew I couldn't have annuals. Well, I'm putting out the moth balls tonight, like my dad suggested. Let's see if it makes a difference.

And, I did a little work on my oil painting. I wish now I had taken pictures of various stages along the way, as I think it helps me to see what I did that improved it each time. But it's coming along nicely, and I love working on it. Feels so natural to me.

It's just about 3:30 now, so maybe after a couple of hours of rest, I'll go finish up the path with the remaining 12 bricks, put down six more bags of mulch, and then put Roundup on weeds in the parking strip and driveway. If I actually get all that done today, I will be one VERY happy girl.

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