Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Real Progress

UPDATE; The mulch is here. Six yards is about half of a dump truck load. It might be enough, I might need more. But I'll definitely use this, and it seems manageable. Can't wait to dig in. But must finish work-work first.

I ordered six yards of mulch to be delivered today. How much is six yards? I have no idea, but it sounds like a quantity I could use. We'll see.

Granddaughter called up night before last wanting to help me in order to earn money to pay for a new laptop. Now I would probably have given her the couple hundred she needs, but her dad wants her to earn it, so I said yes, let's do it. I didn't expect to get that much help from a 13-year old girl, but she really surprised me. We weeded for two and a half hours last evening and completed a whole area that would have taken me two days to do. She's as hard a worker as her grandma. And the bonus is we get all that time together to talk about school, boyfriends, and her internet business venture. She is quite the entrepreneur--a writer and an artist--she sells her drawings and designs web pages for other kids on the internet (with payment in an internet currency for the kids' site). It's such a delight to talk and hear about all her ideas and plans. And to have so much real help that I hadn't expected.

The boys in the ward have offered to come over and help move the mulch, and she will be here to help me too, so that may be done in short order. Then I'll have her help me with washing windows and some of the other household tasks that have been waiting. She will earn the money she needs, I will have some relief from all this work.

Then I am truly into maintenance mode, watering, mowing, weeding. Maybe occasionally planting something new if I see something irresistable. But no more projects for the rest of the summer. But then there's the garage. Ah. That will just have to wait awhile.

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