Sunday, June 1, 2008

June the First

I almost finished the May LOTTD. The pathway and steps have shaped up pretty nicely but I need a few more bricks and blocks to really finish it up. Very carefully carried those heavy blocks two at a time down the railroad tie steps and then one at a time down the slippery slope, stepping very gingerly. I know it was risky and I needed to take extra care so as not to reinjure my ankle or anything else. Very hard work it was. But success! Yay!

Now to go shopping and see Brandon for his 1-year birthday! If I'm not too tired, I'll mow the lawn and whack some weeds this evening. Much progress being made.

Ready to make the June LOTTD.

9:30 p.m.
Didn't make it to Brandon's. Halfway there, something starting banging on the roof of the car. Pulled over and discovered it was the rubber trim at the top of my new windshield peeled nearly away. I pushed it back in as best I could and drove home the back roads to keep my speed low. They are coming tomorrow to fix it.

Mowed the lawn, got six bags of mulch and did a little other shopping. Planned to watch a movie since I couldn't go to Layton, but fell asleep and had a long nap. Feel stiff now from so much lifting today, but otherwise feel okay.

I did write the June LOTTD. It's very long.

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