Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sex and the City

A bonus June movie, SATC will not replace our foreign film of the month, but several of us wanted to see this as well. Since it's a girlfriends flick, it makes sense to see it with girlfriends. In fact, nearly all the groups in the theater were women (very few men among us). The man I'm dating sent me an email with his "Get out of SATC free" card because "No man should have to see this movie."

I have to say, if you are already a fan of SATC, you will like the movie. If this is your first exposure to Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte, you may not like it. We had both reactions among our group. I'll admit, the characters in the movie, like the television series, are shallow, self-absorbed, and one dimensional, not to mention living a very expensive and top-shelf but not-so-believable existence.

But years of watching SATC through all the ups and downs of lives and relationships, makes you just want everything to turn out - happily ever after. Okay, the movie was pretty predictable in that regard, too. But as with the TV series, every once in awhile they toss you a nugget of truth that just hits you - at least it did me.

This "episode" was about Carrie and Mr. Big's wedding. And, of course, there were sub-plots going on with each of the other "girls" (now in their 40's). The common thread was genuine hurt that happens between couples, and the unwillingness of individuals, often, to forgive. With lots of fashion, shoes, luncheons, drinking, and general giddiness. you expect from SATC.

In one scene Carrie and Big are reading in bed, she with a book called "Love Letters of Great Men". Letters by Voltaire, Beethoven, Lord Byron, etc. Beautiful words. I determined to look up the book on the Internet later. I wasn't the only one:

If you have been scouring the Internet for a copy of Love Letters of Great Men, the book that Carrie and Mr. Big read while lounging in bed in the Sex and the City movie, you can stop now. It doesn't exist. The Associated Press reports that online retailers have been flooded with requests for the book, but the closest thing to it is a title originally published in the 1920s called Love Letters of Great Men and Women: From the Eighteenth Century to the Present Day.
However, I did find just such a book, much smaller in size, when we were browsing in Tabula Rasa last month. I read one of the letters aloud to my friends. I'm going back and buy the book.

Being single in SLC myself, I sometimes relate to the single angst of these young women. I, too, would like to receive a real love letter (what woman wouldn't).

Ever Yours,
Ever Mine,
Ever Ours.
So it was fun for us. We met at My Left Fork for breakfast and a long, leisurely girlfriend chat. Those four Manhatten girls have nothing on us--except expensive shoes!

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