Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cell Phone - is it time to upgrade?

Everywhere I go I see people with a hand pressed to their ear like one of those old-time radio announcers. Cell phones! It seems like everyone has someone to talk to all the time. When I'm out for my walk, I pass people with the dog on a leash in one hand, the other hand holding the cell phone to ear. I want to tell them they're missing the best part of the walk -- the opportunity to just think.

I rarely use my cell phone. I have the minimum plan - 200 minutes for $29 and I never even come close to using them. In fact, the only time I have ever exceeded my minutes was when a landscaper cut my land line, and I got into an endless loop of please-hold-while-I-transfer-you-to-someone-who-can-help conversation talking to the land line phone company from my cell phone.

I use my land line very little as well - I'm just not much of a phone talker. Oh I can go for an hour or so once I get on there with a sister. But almost anyone else gets five minutes max. My cell plan doesn't include texting, and my daughter does like to text me now and then. But at 5 cents a message, it's cheaper to pay by the message than to upgrade to a plan that includes texting.

I guess I have a little of my parents "make it do" spirit in me - at least when it comes to my cell phone. I have had the same phone for going on seven years, even though I realize I could get a free phone if I would commit to another two years. I keep thinking about it. Who has the same cell phone for seven years?! It's practically an antique.

Well, today when I logged on to pay my bill, I was greeted with this offer: "You have been specially selected to SAVE, because you're so awesome!" The plan they offer that will allow me to 'save' offers unlimited calling for $49. Haha! Their computer-generated message obviously did not notice how few minutes I already use. Why would I suddenly want to pay $20 more a month for minutes I don't use?

I suppose I could drop the land line and go with this plan, it would save me a few bucks. But I sort of like having that land line. I've had the number a long time and it's how people know how to reach me. I don't give my cell number out to many people.

Obviously this is a low priority in my life and I'll skate by another month with the same old phone.

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