Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting things done

I've taken the day off today and Monday as well. They will be installing the carpet in the little bedroom, my new office, on Tuesday. It's ready except I need to remove some doors and move the toys from the closet into the TV room temporarily. I have found two desks that I really love and need to decide on one. I'm leaning toward one at a consignment shop in Tooele. It just seems right to me.

These next four days I plan to work both inside and outside. I have my list. Of course. Today lunch with Celia and Judy. Also plan to get new strings installed on two guitars, and get things in progress to get the old piano into the shop to be fixed up for Jenn. Have already been at the piano this morning in between cups of coffee. Continuing my plan to memorize pieces this year, working on my third piece.

And as if I need one more project, I'm thinking instead of buying a reading chair for my office, I'm going to try to reupholster grandma's old wingback chair that's been sitting in the basement since, well since grandma died. I know exactly the fabric I want - I hope I can do this. With a little matching footstool, and a good lamp it will make for a nice reading spot. Maybe while I'm at the consignment shop I'll find a little footstool I can cover. I'll look.

Outside I have some bushes to cut down along with some more of the remaining perennials. At the same time I'm planting three sizes of zinnias from seed as well as Mexican sunflower. Well, planting those inside for now to get a headstart. Can't plant annuals outside until after Mother's Day in Utah (rule of thumb). This is an experiment as it's been a long time since I grew anything from seed.

Yes, the agenda is full, and to add to it, I want to order new blinds for all upstairs windows. And start laying out a design for the new kitchen. It's just been hard to start that last one. I've needed to do it for a long time, and I just can't make myself do it. I know it's going to be the biggest disruption in my house, but I need to do it.

So, what am I doing, sitting here blogging . . .?

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