Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Poetry: Piano Play Ground

I'm not a poet, but like many others, have a desire to write in verse. The very artistic Jacqui at Creative Journey hosted a Wednesday poetry day last week. Some contributors offered original poetry. Others, like me, submitted favorites by other writers. All were delightful and inspiring. If she hosts another, I will submit my first attempt at my own original composition.

Piano Play Ground

Those black and whites beguile me
As I walk by with my good intentions,
Sit down.

I’m working, deadline looming.
I don’t have time for you right now
Sit down.

I’m tempted, I pause,
My fingers itching with the tune.
I sit down.
I play.

Just for a moment now, really
So much to do, hurry, hurry.
And yet I sit.
I play.

I think of students, children.
Don’t just practice, I would say,
Sit down
And play.

There’s a reason they call it play.


by Becky Stauffer
March 2009


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

I am so happy you submitted this to our Wednesday tour. I like it very much. It makes me wish I had learned to play the piano.

Cannot believe this is your first effort at verse.

bekkieann said...

Thanks for allowing me to participate. I enjoyed everyone's submissions last week so much. I don't promise to write original entries every time. Thanks for your kinds words.

heatherbelle said...

Oh, I agree with Jaqui, hard to believe that this is your first effort at poetry writing..I love it. Bravo.

bekkieann said...

Thank you for your too-kind words. Can't say there's another poem in me. We shall see.