Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Close Encounters

How many times are we warned, don't open your door to strangers. The problem with that, of course, is that you can't always see who's at the door. Someone knocked softly on my front door a little before 9 p.m. I turned on the porch light, someone waved at me through the glass. I opened and saw a teenage boy who assured me he wasn't selling anything, but he was raising money for (what was it?) staying with his grandma who lives up on Foxhill (already the story is getting contrived). And then some complicated story about Shriner's Hospital, and books, and kids, and for 40 kids I get $1,000 and I have 39 and three-quarters.

At this point, I know this story is going nowhere, and then he hits me up for $40. I told him I was sorry but I couldn't do it, and shut the door. He shouted "Jerk!" as he went down my steps.

Now I felt a little nervous and wondered if I should call the police and report him. Just moments later a police car drove by faster than normal, the cop on his radio. I think someone else already called them. I still feel uneasy and will keep a watch around the house and yard to be sure he doesn't come back.

Was that ever a stupid move on my part to answer that door!

UPDATE: I did call the police after about a half hour. They told me that had had another report of the same person and it was not a legitimate fundraiser, and the police were looking for the person now. So I'll just sit tight and wait. Was going to watch a movie tonight, but feel too distracted now.

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