Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not a good year for lilacs

This is all I got from two bushes this year. It seems a little early for them, too. So I cut what I had and brought them in. For what short time they last, I'll have a lilac-scented home.

It's an old-fashioned flower, lilacs. You don't see them much any more. But everyone had them when I was growing up. We always cut them to make bouquets for the graves on "Decoration" day which is Memorial Day. Tulips, too. And Peonies. Does anyone grow peonies any more? And gladiolas -- glads but we called them "flags", I don't know why.

My lilac bushes are old and should probably come out. I've cut them down many times, but they always come back. I won't take them out this year. Too many other things need doing more urgently.

Now the forsythia this year, they just outdid themselves. And I didn't even take a picture.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Great post for May Day. I have two surviving lilac bushes from cuttings taken from old growth bushes of a friend that took them from a friend. The bushes survive but I always seem to get the blossoms frozen out. Lilacs are very hardy.

Only spring blooms here are on my crown of thrones in the studio and it blooms constantly. But I am going out today and plant my seeds in my two raised beds. Hope springs eternal.

Catfish Tales said...

Lilacs are busting out all over where I live, and the bees are buzzing happily within and without, unable to pass by my upstairs studio window without a bzzz, bzzz greeting before going busily on their way!

bekkieann said...

Love that thought - buzzing bees, bunches of fragrant lilacs. I hope we have bees soon, the apple tree is in full bloom.

Jacqui, good luck with the planting. I'm waiting one more week. Utah rule of thumb: After Mother's Day.

Jacqueline said...

What a lovely picture of your lilacs, Bekkie. So you've had not as many this time around, but you've made good use of them!

Happy Merry merry month of May to you!