Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Gentle Side

In this corner of the blogosphere I've found some interesting and artistic friends who both love and create art, who observe and appreciate nature, and who offer gentle support to other friends here. It is an amazing medium that allows us to meet and become acquainted with such worthwhile people though we may never meet them in real life.

Elsewhere on the blogosphere I write about politics and events of the day. The people I meet there are rarely gentle in their speech or attitudes. And while I like a good debate as well as the next one there, sometimes it's nice to escape to this quiet and gentle corner where I know there will be heartfelt thoughts expressed, beautiful pictures, words of encouragement.

In my real life I notice that all of my close friends have one or more special talents or gifts, and all have a love of nature, spending much time beautifying their own yards and visiting lovely places around town. I've come to the conclusion I seek out such people and feel most comfortable with them. The truth is, these people enrich our lives in so many ways.

How lovely that I get to know all of you! This calls for a repeat of a favorite video I've posted before.

The Traveling Wilburys, Handle With Care
. . . Everybody's got somebody to lean on.


Michael said...

Tip toes in, looks round, hands you a mug of coffee, tip toes out again. What a lovely blog B.

bekkieann said...

Hello Michael, am in fact enjoying a mug of coffee. Glad you stopped by. I must say how nice your blog is, too. I look forward to each new post.