Friday, May 22, 2009

Trying to keep busy

Friday night and no date. Watched a movie. Thinking of organizing my sock drawer. That got me thinkng about that old Statler Brothers song, "Countin' Flowers on the Wall". (Now don't tell me I've nothing to do.) So I started browsing through some videos and stumbled across this very pretty one. A Beatles song originally, from the White Album I think. Performed here by Sarah McLachlan.

My dear friend called me tonight from Minnesota, I hadn't expected that. It left me a little melancholy. He sounded so tired and done-in. I hope this all works out.


Michael said...

I really enjoyed that version B...wonderful, dare I say even better than Macca's original version?

I'm not familiar with the concept of a 'sock drawer', let alone sorting one out, please

bekkieann said...

Sock drawer - where you keep stockings, and about the lowest priority of places needing organized in the house. I think it was said in a movie originally, in response to an unwelcome invitation for a date. I can, for some reason, picture Judy Garland here telling someone, I can't go out, I'm busy, I...I...I have to organize my sock drawer. Thus it has become a joke - a flimsy excuse for pretending to be busy.