Thursday, May 21, 2009

A dear little deer

I was arranging pots of flowers on my patio yesterday and thought I might just try a bird feeder there again - I haven't seen the deer recently and maybe the "deer fence" I used is keeping them away.

Early this morning as I walked to the kitchen for a refill of coffee, there was a large animal standing by the feeder. It took two glances before I realized it was a deer nibbling at the bird seed. She (she?) is fairly small for a mule deer, so probably young, and more buff in color than brown. Almost the color of a cougar.

I grabbed my camera, but by the time I got back, she was already looking at me through the window. So I just watched her and took no pictures. There will be other opportunities -- now she's discovered the bird feeder is back.

It's a problem trying to put the bird feeders out of reach of the deer and yet still have them low enough I can easily refill them, and then also enjoy seeing the birds.

Here's some pics of my visitors from last summer They like a nice cool sip from the bird baths too.

And here they are relaxing on my deck back in 2007!

Interesting that this little girl was alone today. For years they have come in packs of around five -- two or three adults and two or three young ones.

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