Saturday, May 23, 2009

Really keeping busy

It's no pretense, an incredibly productive day. Removed a lot of old sporting goods and toys, suitcases, and other stuff from the garage and donated to charity. Checked out lawnmowers at Lowe's and Home Depot. Decided what I wanted and then found it's not available in town. Will keep looking. Mowed the lawn - the old mower behaved just fine (more grass clippings so I'll be lasagna mulching tomorrow), cut up a whole bunch of pruned branches to fit in the garbage. Paid bills, got a letter notarized and ready to mail. Planted a new burning bush that I bought a couple of days ago, washed down the patio, and installed some new solar garden lights along the rock wall. It's only 7 now and I may watch a movie since one arrived today. Or I may start the sprinklers and get things watered. And do one more batch of laundry to finish up what I started yesterday. Then a second shower of the day, and call it good. Maybe a glass of wine and SNL. If I'm not asleep

Still a couple of things remaining on my May to-do list. Dealing with the lawnmower is one. I'm going to add an item for tomorrow to transplant a number of volunteers to various spots in the yard. No need to buy plants when I'm producing so many of my own.

Seriously busy. No time to be lonely.

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