Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sleep. Deprivation.

For several days in a row I have awakened at 3 a.m. completely unable to get back to sleep. I know a number of things are weighing on my mind and are disturbing my sleep. Not the least of which is how to get caught up on all I need to do in the yard.

Sleeplessness is an affliction of middle age. I remember in my 20's having delicious long hours of sleep -- until the children came along. And even then, grabbing sleep whenever a minute allowed. It was so easy then. Not so much now.

The effects are cumulative when you get into one of these cycles of sleeplessness; you start having mental lapses, forgetfulness, slowness.

When I get up at 3, I'm fine most of the day until around 3 or 4 p.m. Yesterday (working from home), I literally fell asleep at my computer at about 3:45. Since it was quitting time, I shut down and proceeded to find a soft couch and zonked out for an hour. Even then I did not feel rested.

So here I am again at 5:30 a.m. already with over two hours of wakefulness under my belt. Along with a couple of cups of coffee. I'll be working from home again today, but I think I'll log in at 6 a.m., as I suspect around 3-ish I'm going to require a nap.

I am so resistant to the process of aging. I just don't want to give in. But I am recognizing that willpower alone will not stave off the effects. Perhaps I need to take my friend's advice and hire a little help with the yard and relieve a little of the worry that hangs around all the time in the back of my mind. Maybe then I could rest a little easier.


Jacqueline said...

I've noticed this same issue since I've reached my 40s. I can't recall even once having spells of sleeplessness in my 20s or 30s--but now, definitely.

I can relate to having been awake for two hours and it only being 5:30 am! And I just know, that later in the day, I'll be dragging because of it. augh...

I agree, who wants to give into this part of aging?? Not me. But I have to admit, since I've somewhat surrendered and built my schedule a bit more around my new natural sleeping patterns, my time awake is much better.

Best of luck to you--you're not alone with this. :-)

Michael said...

Give in to it and learn to enjoy those early hours, especially during the summertime...(says he who has been known to nap at the slightest
I usually wake about 5, I never used to, but I have learned to do what Jacqueline suggests.
Let me add some more good luck.

bekkieann said...

Thank you Jacqueline and Michael for your good wishes. I think this little episode will probably pass and I'll get into a better pattern again. I'll admit I have learned the value of naps and particularly like one right after work.

Sounds so good, I think I could go lie down right now!

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

I fell into the getting up early thing (well, earlier than normal) a few months back. Now I am into the read until midnight kick. That does not go well with up at 4 a.m.

And around 2 every day I just lose steam. Not always taking a nap but sometimes just sitting in the sun and reading some more of that book that kept me up to midnight.

And I give myself permission to go to bed early if I feel like it. Bed at sunset and up at dawn does cut down on the electric bills.

As to not getting everything done on that list: who ever does? I figure 70% is good. But if you can afford to hire some help do. They probably need the money and you don't need the worry.