Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting the most out of your trash pickup

I hate putting out a nearly empty trash can for pickup. Especially when I constantly have yard clippings or other things I'm trying to toss out. Up until a couple of years ago, we had a wonderful summer trash pickup service where you could put anything including a couch or a water heater out on the curb once a month and the city would pick it up and haul it away. I never had problems disposing of my yard clippings in those days. But since that was discontinued, I make sure I take advantage of every single regular pickup.

I may have gone a little too far this week, and I may get a warning from the city.

You see, our large cans are picked up by a truck with a robot arm. No human hands need touch our cans. The rules are simple. The lid on the can must be able to close when you put out the trash. Mine did not quite close this week.

With the can less than half full, and looking around for something to add, I saw those large limbs I'd been cutting (yes, the same ones associated with the black eye incident). No time (and too lazy) to cut them up smaller, I dragged them to the can and stuck them in the best I could. The lid didn't even halfway close. No faking it, I was in complete violation.

When the truck came by, I stood and watched, though I really didn't want to. It took a good six or eight extra shakes of the robot arm, putting down the can once and then trying again before all those large limbs would finally leave the can. But they did, thankfully.

I'm so pleased at having gotten rid of those limbs (well there are a few still remaining). And the guy didn't get out of the truck and come lecture me at the door. I guess I can handle a scolding from the city.

I'll try to be a good citizen and cut the limbs into small sizes the next time.

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