Sunday, January 17, 2010


I've been a bit under the weather for a week now.  It's one of those mild little things that you almost don't notice, except once in awhile you feel like you should lie down and rest.  I felt so much better yesterday, I ran around and got many errands done.  By early evening, I was feeling wiped out and went to bed early only to be kept awake for hours by the neighbor's dog barking.  This morning I really have the blahs and can't decide if I feel sick enough to go in to the clinic this week or not.  But since the clinic is closed today and tomorrow (holiday here), I'll just wait it out and see if this thing passes.  I had another big agenda today, but I'm thinking it might be smarter in the long run to really rest.  That's such a hard thing for me to do.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Doers always have issues with not doing. But not doing sounds like a good thing for you to do for now. You have been under a lot of stress of late and that can really undermine our resistance.

I recommend hot tea, DVD's and several warm covers. Even a heating pad is nice when we are feeling blah.

Alex said...

Odd, that's exactly how I've been feeling lately. Just "blah", lower energy than usual, a bit headachey and unfocused. Hoping it passes soon, for both of us--I have trouble sitting still!

Nicholas V. said...

Yes, me too...
But it has passed, as I am sure your blah will pass!
Adda nip of brandy to that heating pad and DVDs suggested by Jacqui!

Becky Stauffer said...

Thanks, for the words of encouragement, everyone. The little bug seems to be somewhat better. I took the day entirely easy yesterday and did a lot of sleeping and still slept through the night - no dog barking. The house fire in the neighborhood was terribly upsetting, and it took me awhile to calm down. I was grateful to hear that no-one was home at the time.

Today it's snowing and sticking, so I think I'll stay home and work on projects - without overdoing it.