Sunday, January 17, 2010

Too close for comfort

A terrible thing has happened in my neighborhood.  I don't know the details yet, that will come later.  I just know many many emergency vehicles raced past my house.  I saw the flames and smoke and took a picture.  It made me tremble with fear for the people involved.  It's still smoking but no more flames.  I feel great unease.

UPDATE: KSL News says it was a house fire at about 100 David Way. That's just over one block from my house. One disturbing point in the news story was that the fire was difficult to fight because the hydrant was not working properly. We'll want to be knowing more about that. Unfortunately for the family, the house is a total loss.


Nicholas V. said...

Sorry to hear that, Becky. Always terrible if a family's home is destroyed, but I als understand your apprehension about th fire hydrant not working...

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

This time of year with all the wood stoves and fire places we get a lot of chimney fires. And with many of the houses surrounded by trees it can quickly become a neighborhood event.

We have a volunteer fire department and no hydrants just a pumper truck in my neck of the woods. I hope for your sake the fire department is out checking all the hydrants in your neighborhood.

And I hope everyone in that home escaped with their lives. That is after all the most important thing to walk away with - each other.

Becky Stauffer said...

I haven't used my fireplaces in years for fear of a fire. I suppose if I get a good chimneysweep in here, it will be okay.

The residents of the home were not home at the time, apparently the neighbors spotted the fire first. That's one consolation, though they have lost everything.

I had some friends who had bought a house in a different neighborhood and hated it there. One day they had a devastating fire when they were not at home, and ended up with the insurance settlement having sufficient means to move back to the old neighborhood, but into a new and much more expensive home. It seemed they made out really well from their fire.