Friday, February 15, 2008

Music has the power

Writing a post about hate speech today on my RedStateBlues blog left me feeling a bit sad. Inexplicably. I think it's about lost opportunities for doing the right thing and even for doing the wrong thing. So in the darkness of early morning, my piano offers calm, soothing music to get my day back on keel.

Years ago when I was teaching piano, parents of my students would sometimes express discouragement that their child was not turning out to be a prodigy. But as I told them, not all of us are destined to be great musicians. Some of us will remain rather mediocre and yet still able to create some semblance of lovely music. The value in that is very personal. Almost everyone knows that listening to music can affect our moods and lift our spirits. The power of music is even greater for the musician.

Of all the things I'm grateful for in my life, I put at the top of the list that my parents got piano lessons for me and that I had wonderful teachers who taught me not only how to play, but a love for the music I could create.

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