Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Where Is Love?

In the musical based on Dickens' "Oliver Twist", the charming little Oliver sings a plaintive song, "Where is love?" It's a good question. Where is it?

Having a little experience behind me looking for love on the internet, I'm not so sure it's to be found there. Internet dating sites do offer some advantages: You see people there you would never otherwise meet. You get to see a resume and pictures (although clearly people are not always honest in their profiles), so you have a little information about a person before meeting. You can email while remaining anonymous until you are ready to reveal your identity. But it seems the same people are there perpetually with little turnover. So I assume most of us are not finding what we're looking for. I'll admit, the few dates I've found through the internet turned out to be interesting men with whom I found compatibility, good companionship, common interests, and whom I've honestly enjoyed getting to know. But no love. Nope.

So, for now, I'm off the internet and just living and enjoying life and not worrying about "love" per se. This Valentine's Day I won't be getting any messages like "Be Mine" or "True Love" except from my box of candy hearts. But no matter, I find myself feeling quite content with my current situation.

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