Saturday, February 23, 2008


Isn't it funny how that word has two almost opposite meanings. One is a statement of things we intend to do. One is a statement of things completed. So the word suits my Saturday morning mood. Some things are wrapping up and others are still looming.

Finally reached an agreement on the legal bill and I am feeling a huge sense of relief over that. Today is my last painting class. I am eager to finish my first painting, but I'm afraid today will not be enough time. But this is something I will continue to dabble in using the small skills I've learned so far. Karate classes are over for granddaughter, so I won't be needed to drive her there three times a week. At last, the snow in the yard is melting and plants are showing through. At Celia's house she showed me daffodil shoots already coming up. That gave me such a sense of excitement and hope for Spring. I planted 150 more bulbs of many varieties last fall and I can't wait to see what I get for my efforts.

Now the legal business is truly wrapped up, I feel I can finally move on with changing my home and my life. I am resolved to clear out the garage and basement and sell or throw away the many things (mostly junk) the ex left and doesn't want. I'm going to sell some things of value the ex gave me as gifts. The proceeds will go to our daughter to help her buy a condo. I will call Howd and get a quote on remodeling my kitchen and then get that project underway. I will paint the basement bedroom. I will recycle all the old computer equipment I have. I will file my taxes.

Oh dear, the list is long enough. I have many more things I want to add, but I'll feel good just to accomplish these things. I want to have this all done before the end of April when the yard will once again demand my undivided attention.

Today is foggy and rainy, with temps above freezing, so the snow continues to melt. Despite the grayness, I'm feeling a little sense of excitement and optimism.

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