Friday, January 9, 2009

Human again

Suddenly, without warning, the graveyard shift has ended. I don't even go back out tonight. I'm off! Free! Don't go back till Monday. It's sort of like being in a tug of war and suddenly the other side lets go, and staggering back you suddenly realize you made it, stuck it out to the end, and it wasn't too bad. But really, I feel happy almost to tears now.

Now what to do with my evening. I slept long today and won't be tired for hours. No date. Don't really want to even see anyone. I think I'll go down to Bountiful and walk down Main street. It's a nice evening walk and the weather is clear and nice. I'll read a book and play the piano, and make a list - things to do for January (what's left of it). Go to bed late and start to transition 180 degrees.

Tomorrow I resume my life.

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