Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Up in the night

I've so adjusted to this night life, tonight I have a night off, but won't change my schedule. I have to return to work tomorrow midnight. So I slept in the day, and will stay up at least most of the night. Had coffee at 9 p.m. just like I have for over a week now. Just six more days of this schedule, I think. Unless something changes. Surprised at how wide awake I am all night. I don't find it difficult at all. And I've learned how to sleep when I need to--to make myself go back to sleep when something wakens me. I'll use that to get better sleep when I'm back on my day life schedule. But I don't mind this at all. It has been an interesting experience.

I've had to be alert and sharp at work. Solving various issues from the software transition and sending out over a hundred emails now to various users. I've wondered if I'm as lucid as I think I am. But so far, very few follow up questions from users. I must be communicating all right.

Tonight I've had the christmas tree lights on for the last time. People driving by no doubt think I'm crazy. But it seems so appropriate with all the snow we got--again. I think maybe 10 more inches. It's getting deep on the sides of the driveway. Ben from up the street came down and shoveled for me again. Well we shoveled together. I think he has made me his scout project or something, he is here every storm now. The neighbor at the west has a new snowblower and did my walks front and side. I think neither of them realize I have the third sidewalk behind, but I did that one myself. It's still so much less than I'm used to doing. Sometimes the neighbor up above does that one, but he just got home as I was finishing up. I never do mind snow shoveling unless I'm in a hurry to go somewhere.

I'll undecorate the tree tonight and put away the ornaments. If I still feel up to it, I'll take apart the tree itself and drag it downstairs to put it away too. Or save that part until the weekend. I'm awake and feel like getting busy. So I will.


Stayed up all night. Got all Christmas taken down and put away. Watched some TV and finished reading the Carole Radziwill book. Not a good way to end the day - a very sad and painful book. So I'll watch a little Morning Joe and then try to sleep. I'm surprised I am still awake. Was reading in bed at 4 thinking it might be okay to fall asleep, though I didn't. Well, at least I'm still on my schedule. The transition back will be interesting. TV seems simply stupid this morning. I'll try to sleep.

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