Monday, May 10, 2010

More landscaping

I am so delighted, the landscaper will be back next week to start on the new sprinkling system.  The bid came in well below what I thought it might be (far below another quote I had gotten a few years ago).  Once that is done, the yard care will become so much more enjoyable and manageable for me.  It eases my mind a bit.  And Jenn and Zach spent a couple of hours yesterday with me planning their marriage party (we are not calling it a wedding reception - it's a party!).  It will be casual food, mostly catered, and should be lots of fun.  We are going to do some hand chopping of some veggies.  And we want to do the chocolate-dipped fruit ouselves.  I hope we can manage it.

I am thinking in terms of BP and AP -- before party and after party.  It's just a month away.  I feel we have plenty of time to be ready.

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Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

I would love to put in some drip irrigation around my house. Buried sprinklers really don't work well here but a house I sit has wonderful drip irrigation system and I think I could make that work for me. And give me more time for digging in the dirt.