Sunday, May 30, 2010

Photos of the Yard: Things are coming together at last

Pictures of some of the areas of the yard now.  Most of the flower beds are planted, as well as pots.  Perennials are growing at last.  All the cleanup is done and new sprinklers are working great.  In the bright morning sun, some of these photos are too yellow, but I'm not going to take time to photoshop them.  Still things to be done.  I'm going to straighten the patio blocks that make my checkerboard thyme section, and then put together that arbor.  I think we have baby scrub jays and baby chickadees.  What a racket they are all making this morning.

This is a new flower bed next to my covered patio.  A very shady area.  Also my patio pots that are clustered on the thyme checkerboard but will find new homes around the yard in the coming couple of weeks.

This is the corner flower bed.  Highly visible to all who drive by and a hot location in the summer.  I removed a lot of day lilies to make room for other things here.

Here is what's left of myrtle hill.  It was full of grass and had to go.  Little by little I'll introduce other things here.  May plant some bushes along the sidewalk to give the backyard more privacy.

This is the xeriscaped area.  All the perennials are late but are looking good.  The pink chintz is actually a strong lavendar color, though you can't tell it by this picture.

The front phlox is so pretty, the color in this photo does not do it justice.  You can't see the impatiens, but they're there.

My newly reclaimed upper level where I will place tables and chairs for our party.

And one of my favorite things in this outdoor remodel - the railroad tie steps that go all the way to the sidewalk.  No more risking broken bones to climb up that hill.


Peg said...

Very Beautiful Becky!

Bee's Blog said...

It looks beautiful. You have worked hard but it was well worth it.

And to think only a few days ago it was snowing!