Sunday, May 16, 2010

The weekend agenda

I had a lot planned this weekend and it was all in the yard.  And I got a lot of it done.  I am now sitting collapsed on the couch barely able to make my fingers type, but happy that I got so much done.  In a nutshell I weeded and mulched two flower beds and mowed most of the lawn.

I started with the new flower bed by the patio.  I had planted hostas there last year which the deer ate right down to the ground.  But amazingly, they are back and flourishing.  The iris I also planted last year from starts donated by a friend are doing fairly well considering the shady cool spot they are in.  I filled in all around with dianthas and snapdragons (these were the large size just to give the garden some color now), marigolds, zinnias, dusty miller, and a row of pink begonias.  Everything got fertilized, mulched, sprayed with deer repellent.  The begonias were quite risky and we'll see if the deer really stay away.  I dug up a lot of ivy and mytle that had strayed where it didn't belong.  I'm half tempted to dig it all out and plant something new.  But we'll see.

Today I weeded and mulched the flower bed directly in front of the house.  This one is harder because it's a hill and quite steep.  I always wear my hiking boots when working in the yard.  I can't afford another injury.  The mulching was particularly hard here as the bags are so heavy.  I added manure (seed-free, it says) top soil, and bark mulch.  The top soil was particularly heavy because it was bagged wet and remained wet.  I didn't plant any annuals in this bed yet.  I will wait until the new sprinkling system is in before planting any more as there's a risk the workers will dig up my new plants.  I do think I'll plant all the pots, though.

After the front bed was done, I was doubtful I had the strength to mow the lawn.  But I decided to try it.  I removed the bagging attachment and just mulched and left the clippings on the lawn.  The mower started on the first pull.  I considered that a good sign, and proceeded to mow down to the rock wall.  The lower part of the hill that gets all the drainage has the longest wettest grass.  I'll probably go out and rake it up later so the grass doesn't burn up under it tomorrow in the sun.  I stopped at the rock wall - falling down exhausted.

After several glasses of water and one very cold shower, and sitting here blogging for a few minutes, I'm beginning to think I may live.  This is good because there are three more flower beds to do.  Actually four more, I forgot about the lasagna garden from last year.  And the rock wall itself is full of weeds.  I'm wondering if the landscaper crew will help me with that when they come this week.    But the yard is looking very nice.  Things are growing and even blooming.

After the sprinkling system is in, I will plant more annuals.  I want color everywhere this year for our party in June for Jenn and Zach. 

If I'm up to it, I'll get some photos later to show the progress made.

Okay, here are photos.  Above, is the steep front flower bed - phlox just coming on.  Below, half of the back gardenn (I couldn't get a good shot of the whole thing), wisteria in bloom and making the whole neighborhood fragrant, and the xeriscaped section of the yard, doing its own thing - coming along.  The bright afternoon sun doesn't show these at their best. but it'll do.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

You amaze me. My yard could never look like yours. How very beautiful it is already. Spring is just really settling in here.

I hope you enjoy your labors. Gardening should be fun.

Becky Stauffer said...

I am pleased with the progress. It has been years in the making - true to my trite old saying that you eat the elephant one bite at a time.

It's been such a cold spring, everything is late. I remember last year it was just the opposite.

It is fun, despite the pain. It's so rewarding to see the transformation as things grow and bloom and mature. Enjoy your gardening too!