Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Trees Today

Today the landscapers are back.  Temps are in the 50's this morning but will be in the 70's by afternoon.  They have already power-raked and edged the front lawn.  Big piles of dry brown thatch are now lying on top of the perky green lawn.  They will be doing more work on the sprinkling system today, too.

But most exciting, I'm getting two new trees planted.  A Colorado Blue Spruce (inexplicably Utah's state tree) will go somewhere in the area where all the myrtle once resided.  And a flowering plum will go in the apple tree's old spot.  I wanted something to attract the birds, but decided not to get a messy fruit tree next to the patio.  The flowering plum only produces token tiny plums that really make very little mess.

I spent an hour and a half and wore out three different workers at the nursery talking about trees.  A tree is a long-term decision and I wanted to make the right one.  The blue spruce was easy - I knew exactly what I wanted.  There were a number to choose from there -- some with the true silvery blue color and some with a more green color.  I wanted the silvery blue.  There was one that so appealed to me, I wanted it the second I saw it.  I perfunctorily looked at all the other options and came back to the same one.  I just loved it.  I am thrilled it will be in my yard.

The tree by the patio was harder.  A friend had suggested a crab apple or hawthorn if I wanted to attract birds.  I strongly considered those, but decided against the hawthorn due to the nasty thorns, and against the crab apple as I didn't want that much mess right by my patio and deck.  I will still consider a crab apple somewhere else in the yard.  Later.  After the big party is over.  And maybe a couple of fruit trees too.

The flowering plum was a surprise decision to me.  It has those purplish brown leaves throughout the growing season.  I never really considered a tree with such color.  But then one of the workers at the nursery reminded me of something that has made me wish for one of these trees:  It is the first tree of the spring to bloom and it is gloriously covered with pink blossoms.  I remembered how delightful it is when you first see those trees at the end of the gray winter.  It does give you new excitement and hope for the change in season.  I knew then I really wanted that tree.

If the trees are actually put into the ground today, pictures will follow.  Yes, I'm a tree hugger.

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