Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ok, trees today

My excitement is replaced with exhaustion.  They have done an incredible job and have pretty much finished everything -- except planting the trees and testing the sprinklers.  I had them extend the railroad tie steps on the east side all the way to the sidewalk and also provide an easier access to the other end of my new patio area.  They worked 14 hours yesterday.  I put in a good day of work at the computer - not so physical, so why am I feeling so exhausted?  I think I'm ready for them to be finished.

I think I know what it is.

I feel a little sense of trepidation while they are working.  They do things BIG.  They use power tools, they dig deep trenches, they cut things way back, and they sometimes remove my intentional plantings - my perennials that have a sort of weedy look.  I know what they are, I planted them.  I use much more finesse in my approach to yardwork.  They get in, work hard, fast, and get it done.  I could not have accomplished all they have done if I worked at it every day for a year.  And I am so glad that all those troublesome areas are now weeded, covered in fabric and mulched.  I can plant to my heart's content.  I am sad at losing some plants, but it hasn't been many and it's part of the process, especially with the new pipe for the sprinklers.  It will all be good.  But I'm ready for them to be finished.

The trees are definitely supposed to go in today and that will cheer me greatly, I know.

 I seriously appreciate the hard work and long days - not to mention long weeks - these guys put in.  I don't know how they can do it.  Every day I set out a tray of pastries for them on my patio table.  In the cooler weather I also made coffee for them.  Yesterday I printed up a note to put with the pastries: "Gracias!" in big bold letters.  Because I do appreciate what it must take to do their job.

My next concern is with the gas company.  When will the orange cones and yellow pipes and torn up pavement be gone from my street?  I can't even get a pretty "after" photo of the yard while it's all perfect because of the street construction.  *Sigh.*  Of course, a bigger concern is whether they will be finished in two weeks so our guests will be able to park on the street.  If not, we'd better have a Plan B in place.

UPDATE:  Well, the job is entirely and completely finished.  I've inspected everything and had a complete walk through of the sprinkling system.  It's excellent -- really well done.  I may hire this guys to do the mowing and edging during the summer.  They are fast and do great work.

The trees are so lovely.  Here they are, the Colorado Blue Spruce, and Flowering Plum.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

I think having people on your property when you are used to your solitary life is exhausting. And that is not even counting the raised noise level from the equipment you describe. Trenchers just get on my nerves. Something about the rhythm of the noise they make.

Hopefully you will have your peace back soon and a beautiful garden space for the ceremony.

Becky Stauffer said...

That's exactly right. The noise and commotion and the long time they are here. Last night it was nearly 9 p.m. when they went home.

I really think they will finish today and then I can begin Operation Beautification with some plantings I desperately need to get done.

Actually, the ceremony took place last February - my daughter and new son-in-law surprised us all with getting married and telling no-one. So this is a celebration party - not exactly a reception for this very non-traditional couple, but a big party with food and music and many many people. It will be very much fun. And to save myself some worry and stress, we're having most of the food catered.

After the party, I may just take a vacation.