Friday, November 16, 2012


Lucky Seven!  Seven is heaven.  Seven weeks till retirement.  Why do I feel a little bit nervous?

We've filled one of the two writer spots at work--the junior writer.  She starts the Monday after Thanksgiving.  That will be the end of working from home for me.

Things are good.  Thanksgiving at my house next week.  I feel no stress.  Simone's mom is here from Brazil and they are bringing side dishes.  She is such a wonderful cook.  We are going to have some good food and fun! 

Still some lingering sadness.  This week, another one of those "memories" days--days you wish could finally become just another day on the calendar.  But time heals all, right?.

Time, time, time.  It's all about the passage of time.  And here I am doing what I promised myself not to do: wishing my life away.  Bu only for seven more weeks. Let's get on with the holidays!

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