Friday, November 30, 2012


Oh man, exhausted to the max.  Training in the office every day (I am pleased with our new hire--smart and picking it up fast).  I end up taking no breaks and staying a little longer to try to get some actual work done.  Add the half hour commute each way.  It makes for a long and truly exhausting day.  I didn't realize what a toll it would take on me.  I'm too old for this.  Good thing I'm retiring. 

In five more weeks.


troutbirder said...

You'll make it! As I approached that retirement deadline it all seemed more relaxing but then there weren't increased responsibilities. I knew my replacement was a former student of mine and was certain he would be really good.
Speaking of visits to the southwest particularly Utah and New Mexico its always been on my bucket list. Then a year and a half ago my son and family moved from Colorado to Mesa area. Perfect I thought. It was fall so we drove down thrus the Ozarks and then west on I40. Not a good plan as we arrived tired and cranky. Since its been flying out of Rochester to Mesa via Allgient Airlines started this destination.. Much better than the monstrous Twin City Internation also two hour away. So I'll add your very kind invitation to see beautiful Utah to that bucket list. Who knows what the future may bring...:)

Bekkieann said...

So true, TB. Who knows. I do understand about those long driving trips. Not as much fun as when we were younger. Even flying is less fun these days. Maybe that's why I stay home. :)