Saturday, December 1, 2012


Two amazing sunrises captured by my camera this week.  One a few days ago with the full moon setting in a hazy valley.  Winter inversions commonly trap the pollutants like this creating air not so healthy to breathe, but remarkable sunrises and sunsets.  Even before the sun began to rise, the moon seemed to light up the whole valley.

The second, a stunning sunrise that bathed the whole valley in pink just this morning following an air-cleansing rain overnight.  Too warm for snow--the previous has all melted away.  But colder, wet weather is predicted for tomorrow and we may get some more.  It's winter in Utah and this is just how it is.

After taking a half day off yesterday and getting some firm information on supplemental insurance for Medicare, I feel much more prepared to make a decision.  And I feel ready to take on this month of Christmas and birthdays.

I'll have a little family party here tomorrow--just ice cream and cake and a few snacks--for my lovely granddaughter turning 18.  Then I have a couple weeks before the next event.  I will finish Christmas shopping, cards, mailing, etc., in that time.

I have my dependable yard cleanup guys here today doing my much-delayed cleanup.  Thanks to the mild weather, it's not too late.  It always makes me so happy to have them here.

Now I'm feeling a little more in control and less stressed about the next five weeks.  I can see things will work out just fine at work and I can leave there with a good feeling.  With the early Thanksgiving, I'd had more time to prepare for the holidays and I feel I can really enjoy all the festivities this year.

And I'm getting pensive about the days when I will wake up in the morning and won't log in to work.  When I can begin to forget that routine, the processes, the projects.  Even my brain feels happy for the break.  And I'm contemplating how I will spend my time, new routines, new commitments, more chance to do what I choose.  I feel I'm on the threshold of a whole new existence.

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