Wednesday, December 26, 2012

'Tis the Day after Christmas

Christmas was just lovely.  Possibly the best we've had in 10 years.  So much has transpired this past decade and we've survived and thrived after all.

The party Christmas Eve was especially fun and relaxing for me since others did all the work.  Christmas morning I was up early to start the first preparations. I basically had three groups of visitors coming because of work schedules.

My oldest son had to work in the afternoon, so his group came in the morning.  We exchanged gifts, had some food, and visited.  My granddaughter returned later in the day after visiting other relatives, since her dad was at work and I had invited her to spend the night.  I caught a nap after they left since the next group was coming at 5.

Things were loud and crazy with two hyper little boys in the second group.  Lots of food and more gifts.  And at 7 my daughter and her husband arrived after he worked a day shift.  The family with little ones went home around 9, and Jenn and Zach stayed till midnight, talking, eating, laughing.  It was such fun.  And a long day.

I was really over-prepared with food since I didn't know what people would be wanting.  Everyone has multiple stops on Christmas day, and everywhere, there is food.  I long ago decided not to attempt a formal sit-down dinner for Christmas, but to just have food ready to answer whatever hungers or cravings people had. And there was surely something for everyone.  You know you succeeded when the littlest guest says, "Your food is good, grandma."

You know the day was a success when your 30-something daughter says,"Some people hate to visit their families, but ours is weird and funny.  I always like visiting my family."  Could anything make me happier?

I fell into bed at midnight exhausted but happy and satisfied everything had worked out well.  I awoke this morning to dirty dishes in the kitchen and managed to get it half cleaned up while the coffee brewed.  I will take it easy today.  Take my time cleaning up, and resting a lot.

No work now until next week.  I'm going to practice being retired.  Today, I'll do nothing more than clean up the kitchen and shovel the snow that's rapidly piling up on the driveway and walks.

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