Sunday, December 2, 2012

Late fall cleanup

I wasn't getting it done, though I believed I should be able to do it.  I thought I could save some money and do the yard cleanup myself instead of hiring my landscaper crew.  But I had put it off.  Well, I excuse myself -- I've been fairly overwhelmed for awhile.  And now a week of commuting and working in the office about did me in, and I realized, if the cleanup was to get done before the next snow storm, I would need help. 

I called on Thursday and they came out on Saturday.  In about four hours, the place was all cleaned up, perennials cut down, gardens raked and ready for next spring's planting.  It's a relief.  Tonight a heavy rain is giving us a good soaking--much needed in this warmer than usual winter (so far).

I think Alberto was happy for work in December--normally an idle month for them. 


troutbirder said...

Good choice!

Hawk's Perspective said...

Takes a while sometimes to realize that you deserve the things you need. You are a valuable item, sweet handling is appropriate.

Bekkieann said...

Yep, TB, I know that now and glad I did it.

Herb, that a thought worth pondering; You deserve the things you need. It's funny how I usually feel undeserving and feel sure if I just work harder, I might reach a point of deserving.