Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Staying Flexible

Just as I was thinking I could just glide into retirement, things have really picked up at work.  Our junior writer is with us just two more days, but she may as well be gone now.  I am giving her assignments as usual--I need her help.  But she feigns an inability to understand what is needed and days pass with nothing getting done.  I may as well accept it.  She's already gone.

In the meantime, everyone has started realizing I'll be gone soon, too, and projects have materialized from every quarter.  I don't mind, I like being busy.  It may become difficult to keep up, but I've never been one to cave to a big workload.  I'll get it done. 

We have found a couple of good candidates to replace both of us and, even though we are still interviewing, I am feeling good about the prospects and I'm eager to get someone on board and start training. 

So I'm more tired.  I'm having more headaches.  I feel a little stressed.

At the same time, I'm trying to use up my saved up vacation time.  It may not work out.  But I took a half day today and raked leaves, frantically trying to beat the predicted snowstorm on Friday.  Oh well, if I don't get it done, I can call Alberto.  I am just hoping to save some money by doing it myself.  I MUST remember to turn off and drain the sprinkling system.

I'll take another half day on Friday, even though the storm will be here and it will be too late for raking.  But I am trying to use at least one full day every week.  And even though I've changed my schedule three times, I'm not suffering.  Actually, I still feel a little exhilarated that time is flying by.

Life is good!
. . .


troutbirder said...

Life is good indeed. And though I relate to your comments about blogging and avoiding politics I must make one partisan comment. I believe your old post on Romney and the Olympics is what turned the tide for Obama..... and for that I'm very very glad....:)

Bekkieann said...

Haha, TB, I wish I could take some credit. But I'm equally happy with the outcome of the election.