Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Baby you can drive my car

My ex-husband was never interested much in cars except as a form of transportation. He was just as happy to take the bus. The men I’ve dated since becoming single again have been very much “car guys”. They wax fondly about cars they’ve owned, talk intelligently about classic and other special cars, comment on cars we see in passing. They enjoy the cars they drive and take good care of them. I’ve begun to gain an appreciation for cars myself. I’ve looked a couple of times at a cute little blue “Z” convertible on a lot in Bountiful. VERY cute. No I’m not serious about buying, but just thinking how fun it might be to own such a car.

Listening to my Beatles “Love” album, gave me a thought: a woman can probably tell how much a man loves/trusts/is committed to her by whether or not he will let her drive his car. So far, no-one I’ve dated has let me drive his car. But then I haven’t really asked. I think I will, though. It will be like a little test. :-)

(Yes, I know who reads my blog.)

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