Saturday, April 19, 2008

No live blogging today

It's 7:30 a.m., I overslept, had planned to be outside working by now. After a fabulous night out with the Reel Women, I feel happy, relaxed, and well-rested.

The roofers just arrived as promised. It's very noisy right above my head. No hiding out in the basement today. The weather is windy and not very nice but warm. So they will try to finish before the storm that's due in this evening. But I'm not worrying now. The roof is "buttoned up" as my dad likes to call it. All the tar paper and waterproofing is down. They did have to replace some of the plywood yesterday. They have already started on shingling. Plus the new vents which will make the attic less hot in the summer. Even if they don't finish today, the roof won't leak and they'll be able to finish early next week when things dry out.

Yesterday I was thinking I so needed a husband for times like this. But I managed to survive without one after all. Thank goodness for my wonderful friends who never fail to lift my spirits and encourage me and make me laugh when I need it.

So finish this cup of coffee and then I'm outside to work.

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