Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting things done

The roof will be finished today. They moved the Dish to put down shingles and remounted it, and I've lost most of my channels in the process. It's been a good test to see if I can live with just local channels - that's about all I have. I think I'll cancel the Dish - too busy for TV.

The yard is getting better every day. With the dumpster here, I was able to get rid of the tree limbs and cut more from the pfitzers. Since the city doesn't pick up tree limbs anymore, this was lucky for me. If I had a little more time, I'd clean out the garage too. Maybe I can get them to leave it one more day. I'll take advantage. Big danger now is nails, staples, and huge tacks. Stepped on one in my hiking boots and the tack went all the way through the thick sole. Need to watch carefully in the driveway.

I'll soon be ready for bark to be delivered. Been digging up errant mytle, tenacious volunteer grass, and, of course, weeds. And there are dozens of tulips just about to bloom. Hoping the deer don't get them first. Once the bark is down, two-thirds of the yard will be fairly low maintenance.

Feeling a little tender-hearted today thinking of my friends. My sick friend has a remarkable devoted loving husband by her side. I begin to realize how important that is. My dear friend has a tough time ahead.

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