Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wisteria Phase 2

I finished up phase 2 of the wisteria project, trimming all the visible ground runners and raking out the leaves. One more phase ought to do it. I'll have to dig for some of those runners that have buried themselves and will have a few more leaves to rake. And I need to try to figure out a way to get that thing more upright. I also re-reconfigured the adjoining flower bed, since the gophers reconfigured it for me earlier. It's looking much better. I moved some rocks from the backyard to build a small rock wall on the west side of the garden bordering the neighbor. That, too, looks pretty nice for my first attempt at rock arranging. I will be moving more rocks into that garden to break up the levels a bit as I find it too steep a slope for the flowers to do well.

Not much time for serious blogging these days what with the yard needing so much of my attention now.

And incidentally, as I'm cleaning up from the winter, I am amazed at all the trash people have tossed into my yard--everything from fast food containers, to doggy treat packages, to empty water bottles (not to mention cigarette butts and burned out bottle rockets). What is the matter with people? Ah well, nothing to do but clean it up.

But that's enough work for one day and now I'm off to spend the remainder of my weekend having some fun.

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