Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A purple tulip!

UPDATE: It started out warm this morning, then turned cold and snowed this afternoon. Just lovely. I'm finally getting daffodils and the remaining tulips the deer didn't eat. The first tulip was purple - one of the ones I planted last fall. I can see more are on the way. And other bulbs I planted as well, some things I can't even name. My efforts weren't for naught after all. I'll try to get pics later today. It just lifts my spirits to see some spots of color in the yard. I so don't want to be working on the computer today - I want to be out in the yard, even despite the wind. As they say, nothing succeeds like success. It makes me so motivated to get working even harder to make it really lovely. Today after work I'm going to plant all that thyme I bought. It needs to be in the ground.

Ah, spring!

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