Friday, April 18, 2008

The roof is coming down

UPDATE 3:00 One last post till after the movie. They are still delivering shingles. Not sure why it takes so long. Whoo-boy I hate having all that big machinery in my driveway. I'm going to start getting ready for a night out with my movie pals. The workers said they would be back in the morning, but they will be gone by the time I get home at 10-ish tonight anyway. I hope I picked out a good color of shingles! The owner will be here tomorrow too. I'll ask him to help me take down the swamp cooler thing before someone gets hurt. End of stream-of-consciousness writing for now.

UPDATE 2:00 Thank goodness they are cleaning up the mess now. I had a little talk with them to be careful around the flowers. They were very nice about it and removed the jacket from the vent to. Now the shingles are being delivered. I can't watch. Big trucks and machinery really intimidate me. Had a very bad experience when they delivered the big rocks for my landscaping, and I've never quite gotten over it. I'm hiding out in the basement. Rescue me!

UPDATE 1:45 What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. They've been gone to lunch for an hour and a half. I'm fearing colorless, odorless gas, carbon monoxide, as one of them left his jacket slung over the vent pipe from my furnace. I have turned off the furnace and opened all the windows. When are they coming back. Crap is blowing all over the place. I'll give them till 2 and then I call the owner. Okay, they're here. All is well, except I can't get that screw out to take down the swamp cooler vent inside. Breathe.

UPDATE 12:15 Didn't intend to do live blogging today, but it's just working out that way. I'm going back out to get some more of my work done. These guys really work hard. I think they've had one break since 8, and no lunch yet. The swamp cooler is down, and the inside part fell down on its own except for one screw that is still holding it up at one corner. I'll get a screwdriver and try to take it the rest of the way down so it doesn't just drop to the floor or on my head. Now I have a big hole in my hallway ceiling. The roofer already told me he wouldn't handle that part, that I would need to get someone to do it. I'll call Howd who just did sheet rock work for my son and has done so much remodeling for my friends. It's time to have him come talk to me about the kitchen too. It is suddenly quiet. Maybe it's lunch time.

UPDATE: 10:45 Worked outside for awhile and watched what was happening. Demolition is hard to take. My yard is such a mess. It looks like the plywood on the south side is wet so there has been water seeping under the shingles for awhile I think. Who knows what's been getting into my attic! I'll call the roofer and talk to him about it. He's not here, just his crew and a crew boss. I'm starting to think it would have been better for me to go to work today and not witness this. But I must be tough (it's days like today when I feel angry my ex isn't here to take care of this instead of me - no longer an option, Becky, go forward). They still have to take down the old swamp cooler. And cut new vents. I am literally shaking with the stress of it all. It's all right, it's all right, it's all right.

UPDATE: 9:15 The dumpster's here. I can't watch. It's big and orange and covered with gang graffiti. Nice look for my driveway. The noise continues on the roof. I plan to go outside and work in the yard in a little while. Not till 10. (Erg, I just looked out and I see shingles and stuff all over my flower beds. I need a hug.) It's all right, it's all right, it's all right.

ALMOST 8:00 a.m.: As I write, they are up there ripping off shingles. I decided to take the day off work and keep an eye on things - just in case. So far they've needed me to answer one question, and that's what I thought would happen. So I'll just take the whole day off, play a little Scrabulous, work around the house and yard, and answer questions when I'm needed.

It is a scary vulnerable feeling to hear your roof being torn off. Imagine what it's like to hear that sound when it's a tornado doing the tearing off. Strange thought, no? By tomorrow evening I should have all new shingles.

Tonight, the Reel Women are going to dinner and a movie. I'll be ready for this outing for sure.

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