Thursday, November 20, 2008

A dirty job

But someone's got to do it -- right? Worked three hours in the garage today (no, yesterday, it's a new day now!). A good portion of that was spent taking apart old metal shelving. I know, why bother? Well, by taking it apart, it ends up in small enough pieces to fit in my large garbage can and I don't have to try to find some way of having it hauled away. But there are other large pieces of cabinetry in there that will probably require a dumpster. Then I remembered the contractor who did my exterior remodel offered to bring his large trailer dumpster and let me put as much as I wanted in it no charge. I think I'll call him today.

There's still so much to do in the garage, but the progress is more apparent now. I just keep breaking it up into smaller tasks and not worry about getting the whole thing done. I''ll get there eventually.

I was so tired after I finished, I went to bed early without even watching the news. Now I'm awake too early, but can't get back to sleep now, so I'm going to put the coffee on and start my day.

I think I've never adjusted to daylight savings time.

Well, that was day one of five. I made a list of things I wanted to get done. Today, I leave the garage for awhile and do some of the outdoor tasks. Some weeding, put down some weed preventer. Kill another gopher or two. I might even transplant some thyme. Making fine progress on that list.

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