Sunday, November 2, 2008


This was not a Reel Women outing, I viewed this one on my own, but decided to do a review anyway.

Here's what I felt: The movie itself was well-done, well-acted, but the subject matter was like reliving a nightmare. I found it hard to sit through the entire thing.

There's no plot to give away since everything in the movie is a matter of record. The movie shows Bush as the arrogant ne'er-do-well from college years through the Iraq war. We were spared the devastating crash of our economy.

Do I recommend seeing it? Only if you have the stomach to watch as Bush makes blunders and mistakes and the outright lies that led to the Iraq war. The history is so recent and painful, it can be hard to take. But Oliver Stone has done a remarkable job of recording the Bush administration for history.

May the world recover from the Bush presidency.

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