Sunday, November 2, 2008

So November

The North wind doth blow
We soon shall have snow
And what will poor robin do then, poor thing

She'll sit in the barn
To keep herself warm
And hide her head under her wing, poor thing.
Today we rolled the clocks back an hour -- I didn't do it before bed, but I shut off the alarm and slept long and soundly. Almost eight hours. That's rare for me. Now I have my coffee, I think the sun is up, but it's gray, cloudy, sort of rainy. Walked around the yard with my hot coffee in hand. The rain is very light. I love this November look the yard has taken on. Leaves everywhere --I still haven't cleaned them up. Some flowers still doing their best to put forth blooms. The fire bushes all in red. Gold and brown everywhere.

I see things I want to do out there. Now I may have to divide my time between the yard and the garage today. With the ground nice and wet and rain predicted for a couple more days, I can split some of those thyme plants and fill in the spaces still needing some (just like free plants). Fertilize that upper level to encourage the volunteer grass. I could stand to do some random weeding, but that will wait for a dryer day.

Making even just a little progress in the garage encourages me. I love these Sundays with no specific plans, just wide open free time to do whatever I want.

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