Friday, October 31, 2008

So crazy, it just might work

I have a hare-brained idea (or is it hair-brained?). I've been wondering what to do with that upper level that used to be all in grass, but hasn't been watered in years and is nothing but weeds. I decided that would be next year's project, and have just weed whacked it every few weeks or so just to keep things under control. And then a little miracle of sorts. After the snow melted off from that first storm of the season, the whole area was covered with little grass shoots. They are growing and could actually stand mowing. Now they are still thin, but they cover nearly the entire area. Why would I want to till up actual grass that has suddenly volunteered all on its own?

I think I'll fertilize and cover with mulch. Probably mow it first. And then let nature take its course. Hoping that next spring I'll have a nice little lawn there where the grandkids can play croquet and badminton and boules.

Here's the crazy part. I'm about to rake up the lovely autumn leaves that are nearly finished falling. My friend says he just mows his and doesn't rake. Well I'm thinking, hmmm, I have a mulching mower. What if I spread my leaves over the entire level and then mow without bagging -- will it mulch them up into a nice layer to help those tender shoots in the spring. Seems like the leaves would make a nice blanket for the winter.

Ok, that's my plan for Saturday. If I end up with a little lawn on that level, the ONLY actual flat place in my entire yard, I'm going to be very happy!

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