Sunday, October 26, 2008

More fun

With granddaughter spending the night after the party, it only made sense to have an outing together. Little did we know how far afield our whims would take us. We started with having breakfast out while we examined our wild bird field guides and determined where we would go for some amateur birding. We chose Bear River Bird Refuge (which was a bust after all since we saw nothing but mudflats and no birds). We followed up with highly successful bookstore shopping and lotion and bath stuff shopping. Light lunch and then a drive out to Antelope Island where we did see many birds and a number of bison, visited the Garr ranch, took a bunch of pictures, and then finally made our way home. We'd been gone about 10 hours in all and we were exhausted. Maybe not a smart thing to do following our previous day that ended in exhaustion, but you take those opportunities with a grandchild any time you can get them.

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