Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Duchess

Five Stars for this movie!

I'm a little slow getting around to this - we saw this about two weeks ago. It wasn't our regular Reel Women movie. We were celebrating Celia's birthday--dare I say it? The big 60! Welcome to the darker side, Celia!

***Spoilers Ahead***

The Duchess movie is like reading a delicious historical novel. It is, in fact, based on true characters. The Duchess of Windsor (Kiera Knightly) was said to be one of the most powerful and influential women of her time. She grew into the role through the remarkable events in her life. Married at a very young age to the Duke of Windsor (Ralph Fiennes), she found she had but one purpose to him--bear a son. After the births of three daughters, the cold, loveless Duke turned openly to lovers. Turmoil and intrigue ensued. When he made a lover of her best friend, the duchess reached her limit and sought her own love, Charles Gray. She endured great sorrow as a result, giving up her child fathered by Gray (who would later go on to become Prime Minister). Ultimately she made peace of sorts with her husband, living with his lover/her best friend as husband and wives.

We found ourselves riveted with this film, though we decided later the men in our lives probably would not enjoy it as we did. The costumes in this movie are surely destined for an Academy Award nomination. The videography as well. And the script and acting. This is a nearly flawless and beautiful movie and our group gives its unreserved recommendation.

We preceded our matinee movie with luncheon at Bakers de Normandie where we celebrated Celia's birthday. Between lunch and the movie, we visited Betsy's home to see her fabulous waning autumn garden.

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